Rules of Arundel Swim Club

·        All members and guests must sign in and pay the appropriate fees.

·        No one is permitted in the pool at any time unless a Lifeguard is on duty.

·        Unnecessary conversation with Lifeguards while they are on duty is prohibited.

·        No running, pushing or horseplay in the pool enclosure.

·        No abusive language will be permitted.

·        Diving board shall be closed at the discretion of the guard.

·        No diving from the sides in the deep end when board is open.

·        Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving board.

·        No glass of any type will be permitted in the pool enclosure.

·        Smoking is prohibited In the pool enclosure.

·        No person having or suspected of having a communicable disease, skin eruption, or ear, eye,                nose or throat infection is permitted use of the pool.

·        At first sight of lightning or sound of thunder, everyone must exit the pool and are not permitted to          re-enter for 30 minutes after the last sound of  thunder or until a guard gives permission.

·        The club will not be responsible for lost articles.

·        Members are responsible for all property damage caused by them or their guests.

·        No one except the pool operator or Lifeguards is permitted in the pump room.

·        Bathing suits are required in the pool.

·        No pets are permitted in pool enclosure.

·        Bicycles must be parked in designated area and should be secured to prevent theft. Roller blades,          skates and skateboards may be brought in but may not be used in pool enclosure.

·        All trash must be deposited in provided receptacles.

·        Please clean up your area prior to leaving.

Admission of Children

·        All children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, or by a responsible person            14 years of age or older and must be under that person's direct supervision while in the pool.

·        Children 10 years of age and older who have passed this swim test and show responsible                      behavior may be at the pool unattended at the discretion of the Lifeguards.

·        A Lifeguard will administer a swim test for any child (members and guests) who wants to swim                unattended. Children must be able to swim two lengths of the pool, jump off the diving board,                  tread water, and swim to the side of the deep end in order for them to swim unattended in all                  sections of the pool.

·        Non-swimming children are not permitted in the deep area and must be accompanied by an adult          in all pools including the baby pool.

Baby Pool

·        Use of the baby pool is limited to preschool children.

·        All children using the baby pool must be directly supervised at all times by a ​parent/guardian

Children in Diapers

·        All children who wear diapers are required to wear a "swimmie" diaper at all times when they are            in the pool, including the baby pool.

Arundel Swim Club